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Marlene Puffer on Rising Interest Rates and Inflation

Marlene Puffer | CEO, CN Investment Division Behind the scenes at the 2022 International Best Practices Forum:Marlene Puffer, CEO of CN Investment Division, talks rising interest rates and inflation, and whether pension funds need to rethink the role of bonds in their portfolios.

Behind the Scenes: International Best Practices Forum

Canadian Leadership Congress had to opportunity to sit down with some featured speakers at the International Best Practices Forum in Vancouver and ask them one key follow-up question that arose from their presentation. Here’s what they had to say!  Debbie Blakey | Chief Executive Officer, HESTA As CEO of $68 billion industry super fund HESTA, Debby leads an organisation passionate about …

3 Ways Canadian Pension Fund Portfolios Are Changing

This year’s International Best Practices Forum gathered DB pension decision makers from across Canada as well as representatives from the pension space around the world. Chief among the many topics that arose again and again was the uncertainty bred by today’s macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. Throughout the event we were able to gauge the impact of today’s conditions on investment …

Chief Billy Morin

In Conversation with Chief Billy Morin

Chief Billy Morin has championed new business partnerships in Carbon Capture, Hydrogen, Gas and Utilities for his nation and local first nations – projects that require over $1 billion in total investment. He has been a strong advocate for working together with all governments, sectors and Canadians, as was the original spirit and intent of Treaty Six.

Winston Ma on China, the U.S. and the Coming Digital War

The emerging digital and technological conflict between the U.S. and China is set to reshape the global economy and create deep and lasting geopolitical divisions – and yet we don’t hear all that much about it. In one of our favourite conversations of the year, the CLC interviewed Winston Ma, Co-founder and Managing Partner with CloudTree Ventures, to get his …

3 Things we learned at the Challenge of Change Forum

3 Things we learned at the Challenge of Change Forum
The 2022 Challenge of Change Forum focused on preparing to lead in the “Next Normal” – what decisions need to be made? And what skills do leaders need to be able to make those decisions?

What Matters Most Right Now? The CLC Advisory Board Responds

The International Best Practices Forum is being held at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver from October 12-14, 2022. Our agenda will cover what matters most right now for Canadian pension decision makers, whether it’s macroeconomic risks, sustainable investing, private markets or geopolitics.