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Manoir Richelieu

📅  June 12-14, 2024

📍    Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu | La Malbaie, QC

The Big Shift - Understanding the Impact of Global Change

Rising inflation and interest rates. Technological disruption. Geopolitical uncertainty. The forces currently upending the investing landscape have fundamentally shifted the long-standing parameters pension funds have for decades employed to make decisions. Not all assets will be affected the same way and there are new paradigms and new opportunities emerging. The 2024 Challenge of Change will address this world in flux, including mounting uncertainty and new solutions to help pension funds thrive in the future. Delegates will benefit from this small, intimate and exclusive group of pension peers gathered to discuss developments in private markets, risk management, equity markets, fixed income, technology, portfolio construction, governance and more. 

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📅   October 16-18, 2024

📍    Fairmont Copley Plaza |  Boston, MA

The World Upended: Navigating Tumultuous Change and Shifting Opportunities 

More than ever before, it seems as if we are living in a world in flux, as questions about the future of globalization loom and a fractious geopolitical landscape continues to generate conflicts around the world. With a U.S. election looming, presaging more potential change and disruption, investors must understand how global change will impact their portfolios and create opportunities in the process. The CLC’s International Best Practices Forum annually convenes Canadian DB pension decision makers in a small, intimate setting to hear international case studies, share ideas and learn from global experts with a unique perspective on global markets. 

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Past Events


📅   April 18, 2024

📍    Shangri-la Hotel |  Toronto, ON

DC Evolution - Adapting for the future

This year’s DC Plan Experience Forum will convene Canada’s leading DC pension decision-makers to discuss the myriad ways the DC space is shifting to improve outcomes for plan members. The theme, DC Evolution - Adapting for the Future, will focus on the shifting needs of plan members and the solutions plan sponsors are adopting to improve their experience. The agenda will include topics such as economic and capital market trends, private markets, sustainable investing, recent developments in target-date funds, plan member engagement solutions and case studies that spotlight innovative ways Canadian DC plans are meeting today’s challenges.

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📅   February 22, 2024

📍    Shangri-la Hotel |  Toronto, ON

Overcoming Challenge Through Innovation

This year’s DB New Ideas Forum will convene DB pension decision-makers, asset managers and experts to discuss emerging investment trends and new paradigms for traditional portfolio management approaches.

Focused on the theme, Overcoming Challenge Through Innovation, the day’s sessions and speakers will address new ways to navigate today’s challenging markets, including generative AI, public and private markets investing, China, the future of risk management, and the evolving landscape of sustainable investing.

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2023 International Best Practices Forum

📅    October 11-13, 2023
📍    Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort  |  Victoria, BC

From Innovation to Adaptation — Building a Future‑Focused Portfolio

Over the past few years, asset owners have weathered significant challenges including a global pandemic, rising interest rates, and the steady upward march of inflation. As some of these initial shocks morph into longer‑term trends, asset owners are adapting to a different set of economic and market conditions than they’ve seen in the past.

The 2023 International Best Practices Forum will explore the innovative approaches Canadian asset owners are using to adapt to this shifting world while highlighting case studies from their international peers. From sustainable infrastructure, to portfolio construction, to emerging markets, how are asset owners building future‑focused portfolios?

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The 2023 Challenge of Change Forum

📅    May 31 - June 2, 2023
📍    The Algonquin Resort  |  St. Andrews, NB
Everything Everywhere All at Once

A simultaneous drop in stock and bond prices, war, supply chain disruptions and a seeming reversal of the globalization shift that has dominated the last 20 years of investing. It’s as if every area of the investment landscape has undergone a critical shift at once — a shift that has created challenges and new opportunities for asset owners able to stay a step ahead.

This year’s Challenge of Change delves into what could be called another “New Normal” and its impact on asset management, portfolio construction and the decisions facing Canadian asset owners.
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The 2023 DC Plan Experience

📅    February 15-16, 2023
📍    Shangri-La Hotel  |  Toronto, ON
Future Plans: Innovative Solutions for Meeting Members’ Shifting Needs

The relationship between Canadian employers and employees is at an inflection point. As we come out of the COVID‑19 pandemic, efforts to reinstitute traditional workplace practices have been met with resistance from professionals at various stages of their careers. The war for talent has taken an unconventional turn.

Human Resource and Finance professionals have a central role to play in this evolving dynamic. As they work to develop total compensation strategies that set their employer brand apart, creative ideas and innovative solutions can help to enhance DC plans and ensure that they are part of what reinvigorates the employer‑employee relationship moving forward.
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2022 International Best Practices Forum

📅    October 12-14, 2022
📍    The Fairmont Waterfront  |  Vancouver, BC
The International Best Practices Forum is dedicated to convening Canada’s pension CEOs, CIOs, and thought leaders with their global counterparts to address fundamental societal, economic, and environmental changes shaping their organizations right now.

The multi‑day event will offer opportunities to share global best practices on key topics such as Private Markets, the Future of Healthcare, Global CIO Panel focusing on Back to the Future, Return to the Mean, investing as a Means for Change – ESG, Impact Investing, and Global Ideas for Better Pension Governance.
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Wallace Nova Scotia

2022 Challenge of Change Forum

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📅    June 1‑3, 2022
📍    Fox Harb'r Resort  |  Fox Harbour, NS
The CLC is pleased to announce information for the fourth annual Challenge of Change Forum, in‑person, with a focus on leadership, investment and governance, and other research — and delving into the theme of change.

The Forum is for both Canadian pension CEOs, CIOs and thought-leaders — with their global pension fund counterparts — to collaborate on global best practices and engage in discussion on key topics such as ESG, Asia and China, social governance, and so much more.
Path to retirement

2022 DC Plan Experience

📅    February 9, 2022
📍    The Ritz-Carlton  |  Toronto, ON
The Canadian Leadership Congress is hosting a one‑day event aiming to bring together defined contribution plan decision‑makers — with experts from the worlds of investment and behavioural studies — to discuss plan members and their needs.

Content will focus on how members approach financial decision‑making, the role of financial literacy, and investment and plan design solutions that plan sponsors can provide to support members on their journey to retirement.

2021 Challenge of Change Forum

📅    October 13‑15, 2021
📍    The Fairmont Waterfront  |  Vancouver, BC
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The Canadian Leadership Congress is pleased to host the third annual Challenge of Change Forum, in‑person, with a focus on global perspectives and other research — and delving into the theme of international best practices.

The Forum is for both Canadian pension CEOs, CIOs, and thought‑leaders — with their global pension fund counterparts — to collaborate on global best practices and engage in discussion on key topics such as ESG, Asia and China, social governance, and so much more.
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