ESG, TDFs, Quiet Quitting… DC Plan Experience Takeaways

As Canadians grapple with inflation, rising interest rates and an often reluctant return to the office, employers are looking for new and better ways to both attract and retain employees. This was a key part of the conversation at the second annual DC Plan Experience Forum which was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto from February 15-16. We …

The CLC Ad Board Shares Their Top Concerns for 2023

Stagflation. Liquidity Management. China. To say 2022 was a challenging year for investors would be an understatement. We watched the two pillars of portfolio diversification – stocks and bonds – plunge in unison and saw long-simmering geopolitical tensions begin to bubble over. Looking ahead to 2023, we asked members of the Canadian Leadership Congress Advisory Board to tell us what …

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David Suzuki: Global economy & transformation

Ask David Suzuki how to transform the global economy, and he’ll say it needs to be transformed and be smaller. Right now nature isn’t part of our economy – and economic growth is degrading the air, water, and soil humans need to survive. Suzuki delivered this stark message at the International Best Practices Forum in Vancouver.  David Suzuki | Scientist, …

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Arif Husain on the CIO Priority List

Arif Husain | Head of International Fixed Income and Chief Investment Officer, T. Rowe Price Behind the scenes at the 2022 International Best Practices Forum:Why was conflict the overarching theme at this year’s International Best Practices Forum’s CIO Priority List panel? Listen to Arif Husain as he explains.

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Juliana Hansveden on Preparing for Climate Change Shocks

Juliana Hansveden | Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity, Ninety One Behind the scenes at the 2022 International Best Practices Forum:Juliana Hansveden gives us a glimpse into what the key takeaways were at the IBPF panel on Preparing for Climate Change Shocks.

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Inigo Fraser Jenkins on the Future of Public Markets

Inigo Fraser Jenkins | Co-Head – Institutional Solutions, AllianceBernstein Behind the scenes at the 2022 International Best Practices Forum:What is the future of public markets? Inigo Fraser Jenkins, Co-Head of Institutional Solutions at AllianceBernstein, gives us a glimpse into the discussion that took place at the International Best Practices Forum, and how the market looks through the lens of inflation.

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Debby Blakey on Investing with Purpose

Debby Blakey | CEO, HESTA Behind the scenes at the 2022 International Best Practices Forum:What does investing with purpose mean? Debby Blakey, CEO of HESTA, sat down with the CLC to discuss her thoughts, and shares how HESTA is implementing this wholistic approach.

Navigating The Great Resignation: The Importance of Retirement Benefits

Award-winning certified financial planner and best-selling author, Jackie Porter, has a unique perspective on the financial lives of Canadian workers and their challenges right now. Jackie will speak on the topic of retirement benefits and how they can address employee pain points now and in the future at the DC Plan Experience Forum, taking place February 15-16, 2023 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto.