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Pension Leadership and Diversity Forum

September 26, 2019 | Globe and Mail Centre Toronto

Theme: Who is the Future of Pensions?

Workplace diversity attracts a lot of lip service—but in the investment space, it’s still lacking in many organizations. And yet there’s ample evidence diverse teams perform better and add more value. What will it take to turn talk into action when it comes to diversity among Canada’s top pension funds—and what can we learn from organizations that are already taking the lead?

This full-day event will convene Canada’s pension leaders—CEOs, CIOs, and consultants—to explore how to create more diverse organizations. Starting with diversity in leadership at the top, the agenda will highlight best practices to address today’s barriers to action. This event is by-invitation-only.

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Pension Investment Technology Summit

October 10, 2019 | Globe and Mail Centre Toronto

Technology and the Future of Investment Decision-Making

The Pension Investment Technology Summit is Canada’s most important investment tech event for top-level pension executives. It brings together CEOs, CIOs and strategic leaders from Canada’s largest pension funds to discuss how technology can enable better investment decision-making and how technological innovation is transforming the investment universe.

This is a one-of-a-kind forum for pension leaders to share ideas and dialogue with their peers on technology challenges, trends, and opportunities, including governance and risk management, AI and machine learning, big data and Blockchain.

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Canadian Leadership Congress

The 2020 Challenge of Change Forum

June 2-4 | The Ritz Carlton, Montreal

The Challenge of Change Forum is dedicated to convening Canada’s pension CEOs, CIOs, and thought leaders to address fundamental societal, economic, and environmental changes shaping their organizations right now.

Hosted by the Canadian Leadership Congress, this small, exclusive gathering is designed to spark intimate and sophisticated conversations on key areas of asset management and risk.

Our 2020 theme, Pensions in Transformation, will create a catalyst for conversation on the major disruptive trends facing pension funds today, from investment innovation to technology to climate change.

Delegates will hear from top thinkers and leaders in each area and will participate in discussions with their peers that address the key challenges they face as well as possible paths forward pension investors can use to take action.

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International Best Practices Forum

The 2020 International Best Practices Forum

October 21-23 | Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver

The Canadian Leadership Congress is pleased to host the International Best Practices Forum.

This event will gather both Canadian pension CEOs, CIOs and thought-leaders with their global pension fund counterparts—to collaborate on global best practices for key topics such as innovation in investments, infrastructure, private equity and real estate, ESG, China, governance and so much more.

This small, exclusive gathering will spark intimate and sophisticated conversations surrounding our theme—Global Strategies for Navigating Change.

Delegates will hear from top thinkers and leaders in the defined benefit pension space, participate in collective discussion about the key challenges these issue present and possible paths forward pension investors can use to take action.

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