The 60/40 Portfolio is Dead (and other Findings)… Challenge of Change Forum Takeaways

This year’s Challenge of Change Forum, being held in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, brought together an exceptional group of leaders from across the Canadian pension industry. Our theme, Everything Everywhere All at Once, sparked a discussion about the foundational changes taking hold in the asset management space as investors grapple with geopolitical divisions, rising interest rates, and the growing impact of the energy transition.

Some key findings: many Canadian asset owners plan to stay the course in China, the 60/40 portfolio is basically done, and private markets performance is getting mixed reviews. See the full list of questions and results below – and follow Canadian Leadership Congress on LinkedIn for photo highlights from the event.

Over the next two years, how do you expect to change your portfolio allocation to China?

Over the next two years, how do expect to change your portfolio allocation to the United States?

Over the next 5 years, I expect my top source of risk-adjusted returns to be:

Given the bond/equity correlation in 2022, is the classic 60/40 portfolio dead?

Over the last 12-18 months, have private markets delivered on the promise you envisioned?

Are you willing to accept lower returns in return for a lower carbon footprint?

If you’re interested in attending next year’s Challenge of Change Forum, contact Joanne Boccia to get your name on the list!