Brian Gallant

Exploring Canada’s Role in Space: A Conversation with Brian Gallant, CEO of Space Canada

In an era where space exploration and technology are rapidly evolving, nations across the globe are strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on the immense opportunities presented by the space sector. Within this landscape, how does Canada fair as a notable player and do investors play a crucial role in advancing the nation’s space endeavors? We asked Brian Gallant, CEO of Space Canada, Former Premier of New Brunswick. Read what he had to say.

What is Canada’s role in space right now? 
Canada’s space sector currently contributes $2.8 billion annually to Canada’s GDP and thousands of jobs to Canadians – 62% being STEM jobs and two thirds being highly qualified personnel jobs.

Why should Canada focus on the future of space? 
The global space economy is projected to grow exponentially to $1 trillion in the 2030s and as large as $2 trillion by 2040. Deloitte Canada recently released a report in which it submits that if Canada could enjoy the same share of the global space sector’s GDP as it does for the global economy, it would have a $40 billion space industry by 2040.

Fortunately, Canada has a strong foundation in space to build on. Canada has built an impressive and proud history in space, from space-based communications to environmental monitoring to space exploration. An often-overlooked fact: Canada was the third country in space – after the Soviet Union and the United States – and a pioneer in satellite telecommunications, Earth observation, and space robotics.

How can investors help?
The investor community can help by prioritizing investments in the space technology and innovation being developed here in Canada by our world class space companies. Moreover, the investor community can further engage with Space Canada – which is a national organization representing the Canadian space ecosystem to convey the value of space technology, research, and investment to domestic and international audiences. From vibrant start-ups to large global companies to universities and institutes, Space Canada’s 80-plus members are designing, building, and implementing innovative new solutions on and around our planet.

Interested in hearing more? Brian will be delving deeper into this subject at the upcoming Challenge of Change Forum, June 12-14 in Richelieu Quebec. Contact Andrea Waddell at to learn more!