Challenge of Change Forum – Key Poll Results and More

Challenge of Change

This year’s Challenge of Change Forum in La Malbaie, Quebec, brought together an exceptional group of individuals from across the Canadian pension industry alongside key policymakers and business leaders. The forum sparked conversations about the evolution of investment management and top of mind concerns such as geopolitical strife, technological transformation and the ongoing and seemingly intractable problem of Canada’s lagging competitiveness relative to global peers.

As we polled the audience throughout the event, a few key findings stood out. Most asset owners believe India will be the key driver of emerging market growth over the next decade. Geopolitical risks are now the major consideration in current investment decisions. Interest rates continue to be a top concern keeping investors up at night.

Check out the complete list of questions and results below. For more insights and updates on upcoming events, be sure to follow the Canadian Leadership Congress on LinkedIn for photo highlights from the event.

Which country will drive EM growth over the next decade?

Which of the following factors is top of mind for you when it comes to investment decision-making right now?

A year from today, the Bank of Canada overnight rate will be:

Over the next five years, which will perform better?

Do you currently have an allocation to natural capital (i.e., timber/farmland)?

Of the following risks, which one keeps you up at night most right now?

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