Poul Winslow

3 Questions for Poul Winslow on Emerging Markets

The emerging markets story has shifted in the last few years as geopolitical tensions rise and policymakers continue to grapple with the after effects of the global pandemic. For investors, it means re-evaluating the risks and opportunities. Emerging markets are on the agenda at the CLC’s upcoming Challenge of Change Forum being held at the Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix Quebec from June 12-14. CLC Advisory Board member, Poul Winslow will be moderating our emerging markets panel and we asked him which questions are top of mind right now. 

What is one big question you hope to address during your emerging markets panel at Challenge of Change?
Are emerging markets more or less attractive in a decade with potential de-globalization? Returns might be lower – but the diversification benefits could be higher. This speaks to more differentiated emerging markets strategies between investors.

Some investors say the emerging markets bull market story is over. What question does this raise for investors?
For many investors the potential for generating high alpha on top of market returns was a key driver for investments in China. That belief seems to have weakened, further challenging direct investment in China. It’s the political interference and control that makes value add opportunities more uncertain.

Is private markets investment the better approach in emerging markets?
The question investors need to ask is whether the risk is too high for private market investments in emerging markets? And do investors need to have teams on the ground – leaving smaller investors out?   

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