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Sean Hewitt

Three Questions for Sean Hewitt, CEO of TTC Pension Plan

The 2023 Challenge of Change Forum will feature case studies by several Canadian pension decision makers, including Sean Hewitt, CEO of TTC Pension Plan. Sean will talk about why it’s important to keep pension plan members at the forefront of organizational strategy and how trust and communication are more important than ever right now. In advance of the event, we asked him three questions.
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The Future of Energy in a Net Zero World

SEIU Healthcare: Making an Impact With Members, post-COVID

SEIU Healthcare represents 60,000 frontline health professionals across Ontario. Its members experienced – indeed, continue to experience – COVID-19 in ways most of us can only imagine. The pandemic’s effect on talent retention in the sector has been widely reported. Its long-term impact on talent attraction remains to be seen.
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Navigating Capital Markets at the Crossroads

Navigating The Great Resignation - The Importance of Retirement Benefits

The Great Resignation is symptomatic of a change in the employer-employee relationship. One that may be gathering momentum. It’s not widespread, but it is important for business leaders to see it for what it is – a warning sign that at least some Canadians are unprepared to go back to a pre-pandemic normal.
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Canadian Leadership Congress had the opportunity to sit down with some featured speakers at the International Best Practices Forum in Vancouver and ask them one key follow-up question that arose from their presentation. Here’s what they had to say!

Rethinking the role of bonds | Marlene Puffer, CLC Advisory Board member

Pension funds are going to have to rethink the role of bonds, says Puffer, adding that a liability-driven investing strategy isn’t static. Rather, asset owners need to respond to dynamic markets and make changes when needed – especially when it comes to fixed income.
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Investing should start with the “why” | Debby Blakey, CEO, HESTA

Speaking at the International Best Practices Forum, Blakey talked about the importance of investing with purpose as a means of moving beyond pure numerical analysis. HESTA’s holistic investment approach starts with long-term value creation and makes decisions based on a holistic set of factors that includes ESG.
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There’s a lot of growth to come in India | Vikram Desai, President, DSP Group

As a speaker at the International Best Practices Forum, Desai discussed the top opportunities in India for Canadian pension plans, particularly digital infrastructure which is set to benefit from new incentives to get Indian businesses to move to digital platforms.
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Net Zero and Canada’s energy industry | Chief Billy Morin

Our conversation with Chief Morin covered Canada’s abundance of natural resources and energy and the growing recognition that Indigenous peoples can be a true business partner in helping to meet the goals of Net Zero by 2050.
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A digital war is brewing between China and the U.S. | Winston Ma, author, Co-Founder, CloudTree Ventures

It came as news to many of our delegates at the International Best Practices Forum that only two companies globally have more than 100 million users in both China and the U.S. - Apple and TikTok. According to Ma, this is just one example of how deep the digital divide is between China and the U.S.
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The global economy is too big | David Suzuki, scientist, environmentalist, broadcaster

Ask David Suzuki how to transform the global economy and he’ll say it needs to get smaller. Right now nature isn’t part of our economy - and economic growth is degrading the air, water, and soil humans need to survive. Suzuki delivered this stark message at the International Best Practices Forum in Vancouver.
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Navigating Capital Markets at the Crossroads

The Challenge of Change Forum

​The CLC is pleased to announce information for the fourth annual Challenge of Change Forum, in‑person, with a focus on leadership, investment and governance, delving into the theme of change.

Poll: Economic Hard Landing on the Way

The threat of a recession looms large over the Canadian economy right now. The question is now, how bad will it be? The results are in — time to fasten your seatbelts...
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In case you missed it – Why are asset owners are turning to direct lending? How they are integrating it into their portfolios? We discuss the opportunities, particularly post-COVID, and how can it help asset owners in today's low yield environment. Watch the session here.
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