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Keep Calm, Stay Strong, and Meet the Challenge of Change

CLC Forums are where leaders come to from each other. Our 2021 Challenge of Change Forum was no exception. Click on the picture above for insights from our speakers and highlights from the event.
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Recap of 2021: Bruce Sellery on Understanding Financial Needs of DC Plan Members

#ICYMI: In the last edition of our newsletter, DC Plan Experience keynote Bruce Sellery, CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions, shared his unique perspective on how DC plan sponsors can best understand the financial needs of their members and engage them effectively.
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Recap of 2021: Jim Keohane on Market Manias and Lessons Learned

We were able to sit down with Jim in advance of the Challenge of Change Forum this past October (thanks to Zoom), and talked to him about what he’s learned through his career, his thoughts on what’s happening in markets today and to ask the question, what if the uptick in inflation isn’t temporary?

Find out what Jim said was the biggest challenge he ever faced in his career.
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Recap of 2021: Michelle Ostermann on Getting Risk Governance Right

Pension industry veteran, Michelle Ostermann is back in Canada after having worked as Managing Director at Railpen Investments, the in-house investment manager for the UK railway pension plans, since 2019. Caroline Cakebread spoke to Michelle about her new role as Senior Vice-president and Global Head of Capital Markets for PSP Investments, in Montreal, and the topic of Risk Governance and what it means for Canadian pension plans.
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Thank You to Our 2022 Inaugural DC Plan Experience Partners

The CLC looks forward to welcoming our partner thought-leaders to a one-day event on February 9, 2022. It will bring DC plan decision-makers together with experts from the worlds of investment and behavioural studies, to discuss plan members and their needs on the path to retirement. A big thank you to Fidelity Institutional Canada, Franklin Templeton, LifeWorks, Purpose Investments and T. Rowe Price.

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Join Your Fellow DC Plan Sponsors to Discuss the Member Experience

The CLC is committed to quality content and conversation. The inaugural DC Plan Experience will spark new ideas and foster important conversations among DC asset owners, recordkeepers, insurers and asset managers, conversations that matter and produce key action items to move forward in your business.

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