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Bruce Sellery

DC Plan Experience Keynote on the Limits of Financial Literacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on the physical and mental well being of people across Canada and around the world, while also having a significant negative impact on the financial health of many Canadians. Our upcoming DC Plan Experience event, being held on February 9th at the Ritz Hotel in downtown Toronto, will dig deeper into the financial lives of plan members. The agenda will look at how plan members approach financial decision-making, the financial realities they’re dealing with right now, and how DC plan sponsors can help them with investment and plan design solutions.

In advance of the event, we spoke with keynote Bruce Sellery, CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions. Credit Canada is a non-profit credit counselling agency dedicated to providing Canadians with debt relief. We asked him to share his unique perspective on how DC plan sponsors can best understand the financial needs of their members and engage them effectively.
Highlights of our discussion

Climate Change Legal Implications for Canadian Pension Plan Fiduciaries and Policy-Makers

In recent years, investment industry leaders, financial services regulators and scientific researchers have produced a rapidly increasing body of research, commentary, recommendations and regulatory guidelines relating to financial and economic risks and opportunities that climate change presents to financial markets. Even though there is broad consensus that the climate is warming, and that the warming is largely due to human activity, informed skeptics point to the wide disagreement about how much warming will occur and when.
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How to Manipulate Customers … Ethically

As the influence of behavioral economics has grown, companies have increasingly been adopting “nudges” to influence how users of their products or services make choices. But nudges — changes in how choices are presented or set up to influence people to select specific ones — can have troubling consequences. Consequently, business leaders need to look critically at how they nudge users to understand whether they are truly acting in their best interests.
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David Rosenberg: Canada's Debt Binge is Not Good for the Economy's Future or the Loonie

Canadians have continued to pile on debt at an alarming rate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbating the financial vulnerabilities associated with an overburdened economy.
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JOIN US in February for the Inaugural DC Plan Experience

The CLC looks forward to welcoming defined contribution thought-leaders to a one-day event on February 9, 2022. It will bring plan decision-makers together with experts from the worlds of investment and behavioural studies, to discuss plan members and their needs on the path to retirement.

Space is limited. Would you like to be in the room?
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Thank you to our DC Plan Experience partners

The CLC is committed to quality content and conversation. We value our partnerships with our clients to collaborate on the agendas, which are designed to spark new ideas and foster important conversations among DC asset owners, recordkeepers, insurers and asset managers. A big thank you to Fidelity Institutional Canada, Franklin Templeton, LifeWorks, Purpose Investments and T. Rowe Price.

Are you interested in working with the CLC to achieve your goals? Reach out to Head of Partnerships, Jennifer Hughey, for more info.
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